Saturday, May 03, 2008

[Migraine Update]

For the past two-ish months, I've been on propranolol for my migraines, and it's been helping. I'm still getting the migraines, but far fewer of the dailies, and the hardcores are a little less intense. All-in-all, a promising situation.

However, (yes, there's a however here) propranolol is also a medicine prescribed for hypertension... and I have hypOtension--the opposite problem. It's perfectly normal for me to have a BP of, say, 90-100/60-70. This, of course, has come to explain my years of issues with low energy levels, and I'm frankly relieved that my body leans in this direction rather than in the HBP range. But anyway, when I went to the dentist's office on Wednesday, they took my blood pressure (they check for everything).

85/45. Heart rate? 56. I'm normally at 70-80. And no, I have not been exercising lately, so one could hardly praise a healthier heart for the decrease.

And tonight, after I got out of the bath, I wasn't particularly overheated, yet I nearly puked and passed out when I tried to walk around my kitchen. Right now, I'm shaky and can barely spell what I'm typing. I've hit the backspace button almost once every word I've typed.

So, the prognosis for me is another migraine-doctor appointment on Monday or Tuesday (I hope) where, I hope, we can settle on a different, yet equally effective, medication.

Otherwise, I've got a dilemma. I must choose between having migraines or having dangerously low blood pressure.

Deeeelightful. I just loooooove my body. Meh.

I'm still woozy.

Here's hoping for a perkier entry next time. Sorry, guys!

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Kiva said...

UGH! I just saw this post.

I had the same issue when I was on propanolol for my heart problems, but it was also supposed to help with my migranes. Except I didn't pay attention to mine and it got so bad that I passed out and had to get rushed to the ER because my pulse was so slow and light....yeah.

I don't like that medicine.