Sunday, March 09, 2008

[It's Here!]

It's here, two weeks ahead of schedule! Spring! The forecast for the next 10 days (on, and in the Ozarks, therefore prone to change at a moment's notice) lists an average of 55 degrees every day! The coldest high will be 50, and that's tomorrow.

So, everyone, it's official. Pull out those lightweight jackets, short sleeves, capri pants, sunscreens, umbrellas, and Claritin prescriptions, because Spring has sprung!

In other news, I saw my Sassy this weekend, and I just want to kill that groundhog that bit her. Her little side is punctured with red wounds, and while she's feeling fine enough to run and play a little, she's visibly slowed down due to the pain. I tell you, I'll never celebrate February 2nd again. Grrrr. No one messes with my baby! She's too old to deal with that anymore. More prayers would be appreciated... we're trying to fend off infection at this point.

Ooh, and April 8, I have a ticket to the Skillet/Thousand Foot Krutch/Decypher Down concert. Whoo-hoo! Hope to see you there!

Friday, March 07, 2008

[Sweet, Sweet Progress!]

My weight, as of mid-January: 135.5 pounds. (Thanks, doctor's office, for these exact figures)

My weight, as of 11:00 this morning: 129.5 pounds.

Boo-yah!!!!!!!!!! Size 9 jeans, here I come!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

[Weekend Update]

I don't know if it was going shopping, if it was shopping with my mom, or if that dull throbbing I felt Friday morning upon waking was doomed no matter what to develop into one of my rarer full-blown-not-even-an-overdose-of-codeine-would-cut-it-type migraines, but by the time my parents dropped me off at my door, I was unfairly curt to them and the tears were already welling up in my eyes unbidden.  

Shopping with my mom, bless her heart, becomes a stressful ordeal every time.  On the one hand, I love that she's so eager to buy me some clothes--goodness knows, I'm usually too cheap to buy any outside of necessity--but she also has to approve the clothes.  Now that I'm "grown-upish" and all, it's not the style that we clash on.  No, it's the fact that while she's lost weight, I've gained, and she thinks it her God-given duty to both remind and nag me about it with every item I squeeze into.  

Anyway, in spite of my best intentions, I didn't get a single paper graded on Friday.  I didn't move from my bed the rest of the day.  

The rest of the weekend was a bit more of a success--I finished all the papers as of two hours ago, for one thing.  I joined my co-workers at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse for GA Sushi Night--and felt confirmed in my lifelong suspicion that I would love sushi if I ever got to try it.  Of course, I'm quite a fan of non-spicy exotic foods.  I mean, that's just me.  

My Sassy got into a fight with a groundhog yesterday morning--my 14-year-old Sassy got into it with a groundhog equal her weight and size.  She's alive, and I think she'll be alright, but it bit the heck out of her ribcage, and she's hurting a bit.  If you think of it, say a little prayer for her.  She's a tough old broad, but I really hate that she's hurting.  

We had a bee-yew-tee-full three days of spring weather.  It's still quite lovely at the moment, but within the next few hours, a winter storm system will be moving into the area--a system with the potential to set new snowfall records.  Yippee.  While the notion of getting a day or two out of classes is always appealing to me, I'm ready for the weather we had today.  I had the door open, the heat off, and the soothing smell of warm, fresh air lingering around the apartment.  I fear the love for cold weather that developed in me in Kirksville has died after two winters back home.  It's just not the same kind of cold.  

I missed church this morning.  That makes me sad.  However, I knew that I needed more sleep, and that, without it, I would never get enough done today.  Still... sigh.  I needed that time of refocus.  It's been a spiritually draining weekend for me, with a lot of old temptations plaguing me.  

Well, dear friends, I'm off to fight the nightly battle with insomnia in hopes that I'll fall asleep before three in the morning.  Good night, my loves!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

[Damn Migraines]

Damn them, damn them, damn them!!!!!!!

But quietly, please... the noise makes them worse.

The irony of my migraine today is that sleep is the cure, but the pain won't let me sleep.  It's a vicious circle.  I could take Midrin, but I think the headache I have is a rebounder from taking it too much this week.  Meh.  

Whine, whine, whine.  Moan, moan, moan.  Gripe, gripe, gripe.  I think I'm getting on my own nerves.

BE GONE, headaches, be gone!