Tuesday, February 05, 2008

[Progress! Tangible Progress! I Can't Believe It!]

Being good (health-wise) is finally paying off!  The jeans my mom bought me a week and a half ago, the ones that I could barely squeeze around my waist, fit.  Comfortably.  With room to spare, even!  Granted, this is the looser pair of the three that I'm basing my opinion on, and I did wear them last week, but only as long as I was in public.  Then, it was jammies so I could breathe.

But this week, they fit.  And I can tell my hips are slimming down looking in the mirror.  

This is really exciting for me, because it's the first time in a long while that, outside of random weight fluctuations, I've actually tried to lose weight and have begun to succeed--and this is (warning!) that time of month for me, when I usually bloat up about five to ten pounds heavier. 

I feel encouraged to keep plugging away.  My energy level is up, in spite of the lousy night of sleep I got last night and the sleepiness that's hung over my head all day.

I'm planning to stop by Walgreens on the way home and pick up a multivitamin that adds in the antioxidants so I can try a little harder to fend off all these colds floating around campus.  Plus, I'm hoping that they help kick my energy level up another notch, because I'm quite weary (no pun intended) of being sleepy for all but an hour of the day.  

Even my fingernails look healthier.  Seriously.  Last week, I noticed that the edges were starting to look unusually yellow.  I started eating more salads last week (spinach please... no lettuce for me!) with lots of fruit (mandarin oranges, blackberries, etc.), mushrooms, garlic seasoning, parmesan cheese, and raspberry viniagrette, and a smaller entree, and I can tell a difference already.  I have only one nail left sporting the yellow edge; the rest are clear and even less flimsy!  

I guess it's just hard to really believe that eating better and exercising really does improve well-being until I actually see it happen.  I can know it intellectually without actually acknowledging its veracity.  Maybe I should take Jesus' rebuke of Thomas a little more personally.  

But oh, those damn cramps and mood swings!  They never fail to bring a rain cloud to an otherwise cheery realization.  Ah, well... it is what it is.

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