Friday, January 25, 2008

[Attempting to Regrasp My Sanity]

I think my two most recent posts have set new records for lack of intelligence.  It's astounding, really.  I've just been a bit out of it with my antibiotics this week and last week, and while I have things to talk about, articulating them does not happen with ideal smoothness.  However, five minutes ago, I took my last antibiotic (finally!), so hopefully, I'll start making sense soon.

In fact, I think this evening or tomorrow morning might be a good time to talk about the vacation and why, if and when I go back to Hawai'i, it won't be to O'ahu.  

In the meantime, however, I have a class to teach and an hour in the rec center this afternoon.  Mom bought me some new jeans, and while one pair is pretty stinkin' comfortable, the other two pair (that I'm keeping) are a bit snug yet.  I will lose some of this weight however (I'm determined!), and I think that within the next 5-10 pounds off, they'll fit beautifully.  The one pair I'm not keeping, however, will not fit me in any facet of my adulthood.  I can't even get the buttons to meet, much less fasten.  I don't think I would've been able to fit in them at all after the age of 10, actually.  I know my limits--I will never be a size five (they're labeled 11, but I know better); I have hips and a butt when I'm at my ideal weight.  

Ah, well.  To school, to school.  

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