Tuesday, January 01, 2008

[Another Year Has Come and Gone, and So Much Changed]

It's time for my annual New Year's Eve end-of-the-year reflection.  While most of you have already seen the ball drop, I still have another 2 and a half hours left before chaos erupts in the streets.

It's been a crazy ride.  This year, for the first time, I:
  • Worked night shifts--this only lasted a month, and frankly, I'm okay with that.  I like sleeping at night, it seems.
  • Hiked up a mountain--this morning, in fact.  Dad and I trekked up Diamond Head Crater to Le-ahi Summit, 560 feet above the crater floor--and let me tell you, it felt further.  We climbed three sets of stairs, each of at least 74, 99, and 54 steps.  And I'm more afraid of heights than I used to be, it seems.  Hehe.  I hugged the post the whole time I stood on the summit, mostly to keep the wind from blowing me off.  Oh, and I hate spiral staircases.  Just so you know.  But what a view!
  • I became a teacher, and I never thought I would.  God has a way of leading me down paths I never planned on.
  • I applied to, was accepted to, and attended grad school.  This, too, was not planned.
  • I had two drinks in one night.  And no, I don't plan to top that record.  That's my absolute limit.  This occurred at the luau last Friday night... and yes, I had a significant migraine the next day.  But, oh, I do enjoy those pina coladas.
  • I lived alone--completely alone.  Still do, actually.
  • I made a 4.0 for the first time since high school.  All this, while taking 10 hours and teaching six.  I can't believe it either!  But, gah, it was exhausting!  Just look at all the posts from this previous semester for proof.  So, I think I may survive.
  • I wrote a coherent 15-page paper.  My standing record before was a 12 page paper, and I can pretty confidently state that it was probably fairly rambly.
  • I got sixteen spider bites in one weekend.  Yes, that one bit--I mean, sucked--I mean, oh, I give up!  I can't really avoid a pun on this one.
  • I made a pumpkin pie... and it made me sick.  Ha.  I think it was the eggs, though... they tend to upset my stomach if they're not completely baked into the food.  
  • I faced real, sincere loneliness for an extended period of time,  I think it was actually November before I really got over it and started to make good friends with people.  I've always struggled with loneliness, but that was truly the pits.  
  • I spent approximately half of the year sick, whether sick to the point of going to the ER (in March) or fighting one sinus infection after another (February to April, and October to, well, now).  Yes, I'm in Hawaii, and I'm still going through about a half of a box of Kleenex every day.  I can't win. :)
  • Someone I know had a baby on my birthday (my cousin Chrystal, who is 2 and a half weeks younger than me, had a baby girl this year).  
  • I finally found my intended career--the one for which I feel entirely suited.  Amazing.
  • I stayed up for over 24 hours... more than once within a week.  Yeah.  Intense.

By the way, a Hawaii-trip post (all major moments to date) is forthcoming... but not tonight.  I need Midol now more than anything else.  Owie.

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