Wednesday, December 12, 2007

[Narnia is Calling]

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"Who Is This Lion?" (2004, with minor revisions)

Who is this Lion, this Aslan?
Who is this Emperor Over the Sea?
What is the Magic that beckons me out of my world
Into Narnia, Archenland, and infamous Calormen?
Satyrs, centaurs, unicorns, fauns, and dwarves,
Beasts that speak, mice that battle... and conquer
Sons of Adams, Daughters of Eve
The rightful rulers of Narnia
Moments into the pages I transform into
Tenderhearted Queen Lucy the Valiant
Changed and redeemed King Edmund the Just
High King Peter the Magnificent
Dubious Queen Susan the Gentle.
Yanked out of this dreary dimension,
Seated on the throne at Cair Paravel,
Sailing past the Lone Islands in the Eastern Sea
Traversing through the lilies--are they lilies indeed?
Drinking the life-giving waters of the Silver Sea.
As Susan and Lucy, I bury my tear-stained face
In Aslan's mane, drinking in His Lion strength.
I am a Lioness. I am ready.
Then, beyond the Last Battle, as the final star falls,
And the door closes forever on old Narnia,
With an icy blast that cuts straight to the bone,
I turn to eagerly drink it all in:
The Narnia with Narnia, all that is beloved.
My hair blows in the wind as I race on,
Faster than I ever believed I could run:
Further in, and higher up, and bowing before His throne.

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