Monday, October 01, 2007

[The Migraine Saga Continues]

Ugh, I got hit with a good one today. Usually, all I get is a perpetually recurring headache on the left side of my head, but when I'm getting a hardcore, I get dizzy and lose my ability to concentrate.

This afternoon, I was teaching my two freshman comp classes; during the first class, my thoughts flowed clearly and my students seemed to respond well to my explanations. The second class, which is immediately next, I could not explain anything to save my life. I kept trying to pass out the same worksheets I'd passed out 2 minutes before. I think my students were getting concerned; I know I was.

Then, I got home, and the pain hit. Fortunately, Aleve took care of the pain (for once), but I still had a 6:30-9:30 class left. I almost didn't go, and it's a good thing I did--the discussion was Pride and Prejudice, which I pretty much know like the back of my hand. Still, my head is spinning like a top, and I'm putting off responding to student emails until tomorrow morning.

You all are used to me saying silly things. Okay, they are too, but still... I need to maintain some level of dignity!

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Kivster said...

That makes me sad that your head hurt. :(

And you're right, we're all used to hearing you say funny things. :p