Sunday, September 09, 2007

[Twitchy Niki - The Sequel of the Sequel of the Sequel]

The twitch is back. I need to learn realize that I will not make all A's, and that's okay, and I will not be able to be Miss Perfect Professor, not as long as I'm going to graduate school at the same time. I can't do it all perfectly, and that's okay.

Deep breath... and take a break. I've decided not to try to grade any more papers this weekend, for their sake and my own, and to simply focus on the homework I need to have finished for tomorrow.

...and someday my prince will come, whether that means a husband or the Lord, who will come no matter what. Either way, in the end, I will find my heart's desire, and I will forget all about the feelings of being left behind.

I do wish my nose would stop twitching. The location of the twitch severely irritates my sinuses, which makes my nose stuffy. Bleh.

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