Wednesday, September 19, 2007

[I Gotta Be Me]

I am one sleepy chica.  I've only been home this week long enough to eat and go to bed.  My nose twitch is growing in frequency.   Is it Christmas yet?

I'm looking forward to teaching full-time without taking classes on the side.  One or the other wouldn't be so bad, really, but the combination is rather wearing me out.  I'm ready for next semester's schedule to come out so I can make better plans and have something less exhausting to look forward to.

Have you noticed that many of my posts lately have a common thread?  

I've been sitting here in the student union, because of student conferences, for over an hour, and this one girl has talked on her cell phone this entire time--loudly.  I have not not heard a single word of her conversation.  Cell phone etiquette, anyone?  Seriously, I don't want to hear about how you hate every person on earth except the one you're talking to.  It's annoying.  

Oh, my gosh.  She actually hung up.  Oh, she's dialing someone else.  Oy.

So, I've got this booger in my nose, and it's bothering me, and I'm in a public place without tissues... and I have officially grossed you out.  My mission in life is complete.  

Apparently some of my coworkers think I'm weird.  I guess English graduate students don't typically make a habit of asking random questions about Humpty Dumpty.  Ah, well.  I could change my personality to fit in, but I would far rather find others who strive to achieve the same levels of amusement that I thrive upon.  I have not changed for anyone since high school, and I don't plan to start now.  I can be no one else but myself, and most days, I'm quite alright with myself.  I don't see my sense of humor as a flaw, any day, so there.  

I do want some close friends to laugh with again, though.  I miss having friends with the same weird sense of humor--life was happy that way.  

I'm finished rambling for now.  Peace out.

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Anonymous said...

You should move to California and teach at California State University, Chico and you could be my roommate/teacher. That would be weird and cool. Sorry about your troublesome booger.