Saturday, September 29, 2007

[Epiphany of the Week]

Having read a plethora of constructive criticisms from my students and having had my emotions fluctuate along every point of the spectrum moment-by-moment, I've come to a conclusion. My teaching style will not work for everyone. For some, it's exactly what they need and want. For others, it's too much work. For others, it's not enough work. For some, it's the right energy level. For others, it's not enough excitement.

Even if I tried to adjust my style to suit some people who are discontented, others in the classes would become discontented. My teaching style is my teaching style, and while I will and will be able to make some minor adjustments for improvement's sake, thanks to some of the feedback, sometimes, I just have to stick to my guns and 'fess up that I have to do what works best for me as a teacher. For me, electronic submissions are the most reliable and fair means of turning in assignments. For me, posting on rough drafts on Blackboard works best, because it allows my students to see what others are doing and to give positive feedback. I can't be holding everyone's hand, and if they work together, they'll get more accomplished. Journals and Blackboard postings may seem a lot of commitment, but the benefits outweigh the annoyances.

Oh, and I need to learn how to separate my emotions from teaching a little bit more, or I'll find myself a nervous wreck from now until retirement.

Side note: I'm now the proud owner of the DVDs for every season of Gilmore Girls except for season 7! I love birthdays. I can't wait until I can get my hands on them. Homework will be so much more delightful running off of the high that comes from watching an hour of Gilmore Girls' fast talk.

Oh, and my dog is mad at me. I have a suspicion why--something to do with my paying more attention to my computer and grading papers than her--and I'm thoroughly convinced that she is beyond spoiled. Brat. But I love her anyway.


Kivster said...

I'm jealous about the Gilmore Girls. Maybe Jess and I should come visit and we can have a marathon?

And yeah, your dog is spoiled. But that's okay, the best dogs are!

Jesster said...

yay for gilmore girls! :)