Saturday, June 16, 2007

[A Break in the Clouds]

Finally, after months of very little to say, I'm picking up newsy tidbits again!

First off, I got another job! I'm now officially a hostess at the Branson Olive Garden.

Secondly, on Monday, I learned that I received a graduate assistantship from MSU! That means I'll get a tuition waiver and $6800 stipend in exchange for teaching 2 classes per semester. This will give me both experience and financial relief in a big way. Whoo-hoo! God is good.

Also, thanks to my GAship, I now can afford my own apartment near school! Beginning in July, I'll be renting a studio apartment within a short driving distance from the MSU campus. I'll officially move in on August 1 (or shortly thereafter). I'll also, hopefully, transfer my OG position to Springfield, where I'll work on the weekends to help pay for groceries and extras, so I can save the money I have in my bank account for insurance and any emergencies.

I'll keep this pretty brief today. If you're on my email list, you'll soon get a more detailed email, including details about my apartment. Until next time!

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Sarah said...

AWESOME! I am so happy for you! That's awesome news. :) God is gooood. Am I on your email list? If not, can I be?

I heart you.