Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm a Vista Fool!

Whoo-hoo! Nerdy Niki strikes again, with an almost-immediate upgrade to Windows Vista. That's my current desktop. Isn't it pwetty?!?!?! I felt like daisies today. Click on it if you want to see the full-size version.

Well, I know it's been awhile, and while nothing's really happened, too much has happened. Be praying for a dear old roomie of mine who lost a father this week. She's been through so much in the past few years.

Also, speaking of prayer, pray for my cousin Karyl, who had a major stroke this week. She's working on regaining her vocabulary, verbal memory, and use of her right hand, and she's been getting very frustrated. She told Mom (with whom she was raised as a sister) that she saw my mom (the other one, Michelle), who came and told her she would be fine. My mom has never really left us, has she? :) Gah, but I miss her.

So this week I'll start applying for grad schools. If I'm gonna teach, it's going to be at the college level... I'm afraid I'd slap the high schoolers--I found that out when I went old teachers a couple weeks ago. Well, at least I'm getting a break, which will help refresh my motivation levels. By August, I just might be ready!

I killed my pinky finger on Thursday. Dad and I were playing on the floor with my nutty dog, and smooth operator that I am, put my hand of the floor with my pinky bent--then I promptly sat my knee on the finger and leaned... with all my weight. Now my poor little digit is as large as my thumb and as blue (on the underside) as my hair was two months ago. Hellooo ice and bandages. And yes, it hurts. The almost-cruel irony is that I went outside in the snow, ran hard around the driveway twice (on several slippery planes) and did not so much as lose my footing. Then in the safe, warm security of my living room... well...

Welp, I think I'll head off to play with my new toy. Teehee!

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, that looks so nice! I'm praying for your finger and your roomie and your cousin, too! :)