Monday, January 22, 2007

[This and That, These and Those]

Wow, my browser just let me stay logged in for the first time ever. Niiiice.

So the workout regime (which fell to the wayside rather suddenly sometime in October, thanks to sinus infections, midterms, and finals) is back on. I went today and did my thang... and I'm going to be ridiculously sore tomorrow. I'm already dragging my legs around like limp noodles. It's amazing how much muscle mass I've lost in the past three months... tragic, really. A hot bath and an early night are in order.

The pictures are coming along... more slowly, but still happening. I think I've scanned in at least 2,500, but probably closer to 3,000. I've got probably another 1,500 to go, and that doesn't include the ones I expect to spitefully turn up when I move out and unpack.

Now I realize how *cough* riveting my posts have been lately. But the thing is, living at home with 68-year-old parents doesn't leave much in the way of written amusement. That's not to say I haven't laughed (Mom picking on Sassy did make me giggle Saturday), but I'm afraid my *cough* brilliant writing skills are not up to making a life this mundane readable. Bear with me kids, eventually (perhaps when I start substitute teaching in a couple weeks) I'll have some funny antecdotes to share.

Of course, I could always divulge in an uber-nerdy computer-geek analysis of what I think Windows Vista will be like (8 more days!!!), or share the details of the Canon Powershot A630 10MP 4x optical zoom digital camera that I am sooooooo getting when I have some vestige of steady income. Oooh, baby! I love new toys.

I had a sobfest the other night. You know that last entry I wrote? I wrote it while in the final throes of feeling sorry for myself--missing my mommy (Michelle, not Mary), losing my self-confidence, and being ticked off at Dad for indulging in a Niki's-many-faults barrage. I'm not apologizing or anything--my emotions were quite valid--but I do want to clear up that I'm not perpetually feeling that way.

Argh, I can't believe I'm seriously considering getting a teaching degree after all--after all my years of refusal... and especially teaching right here at home, where I was so desperate to escape! I knew I was jinxing myself when I said I refused to be a teacher!


Anonymous said...

I find your posts very amusing, just so you know. :)

Anonymous said...

I had a dream last night that we finally met and we gave each other foot rubs. Reaaallly random.