Sunday, December 31, 2006

[With Subtitles]

I discovered my first real wrinkle. The pesky little crease is nestled about a half an inch below my hairline, and it gets more pronounced during a migraine--thus explaining my main suspect. Before, it was a crease. Now, however, it truly qualifies as a wrinkle.

Next on the news list, Mommie-deare--er, Mom, rather, is on the rampage tonight. She apparently woke prematurely from a nap, and everything is setting her off tonight. Thus I now am hiding out in my room the rest of the night. Happy-freakin'-New-Year!

Which brings me to my one and only (though two-part) New Year's resolution: get a job and get out of the freakin' house! Failure to achieve this goal might just culminated in my admission to the funny farm. For life. My parents: amazing people, impossible for me to live with anymore. Besides the peevishness, I am not appreciative of feeling as though I have to justify every word, every purchase, and every thought to my parents, especially since I haven't been having to do that for so long. Le sigh.

On a positive note, I watched Pride and Prejudice both in French and Spanish two nights ago. Fabulous, and I think doing stuff like this will help keep my foreign language skills semi-brushed-up.

Brief update... Mom's mood's improved. The just-woken-up crankiness must have worn off.

Michelle and I are such nerds. We're chatting online (while living 10 miles apart), reading our old archived IM conversations from almost 2 years ago. We are such special children.

Anyway, that's all I've got. My creativity's kind of lacking lately.

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gail said...

happy new year, darling niki! i'm excited to hear what happens with you this year, who knows! (try not to kill your parents though, i know it's hard to be at home, if you ever need a retreat to KC, let me know)