Wednesday, December 06, 2006

[Inevitable Nervous Breakdown]

Yesterday afternoon, I sensed its approach. Actually, if I had been truly tuned in, I would have felt its presence the night before when I couldn't sleep until nigh on three a.m. But I definitely sensed impending doom yesterday afternoon when the twitching began.

Some time after lunch, the muscle in my nose closest to my left eye started to twitch once or twice per minute. In Hebrew Scriptures class, the twitching upgraded to several jerks each minute. The last time my tick appeared was shortly after the CCF van accident, when I was feeling rather traumatized and was unable to express my reaction.

Sure enough, last night around 10:30, the nausea came. Then, the tightening in my chest. By 11:45, I was on Yahoo IM bawling my eyes out to Michelle. Thank You, Lord, for Michelle. After 30-45 minutes of an anxiety attack, I calmed down. I managed to fall asleep.

I really need to get through these next two weeks, and quickly. I have more coming at me right now than my emotions can handle.

And I don't like the twitch. It makes my nose tingly.

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Anonymous said...

That doesn't sound like fun. I'm praying for ya, buddy. Finals week is poo. But this is your last one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!