Sunday, December 10, 2006

[Creepy Venders and Procrastination]

I'm so ashamed. I need to write something like 10-15 pages by tomorrow at 9:30, and I'm sitting here procrastinating. *Sigh* Dang senioritis.

So the girls (Andrea, Sunshine, Kate) and I went to Columbia yesterday for some graduation dress shopping. Kate and Sunny found some lovely things... picky Andrea and Niki found nada. Well, I shouldn't say nothing, since I did find two pretty freakin' cool scarves for seven bucks apiece. Boo-yah. Ooh, and we were spooked by this creepy guy who was working the calendar booth in the mall. Andrea and I were walking back, and he comes behind us and says, in this unctuous voice, "Hey laaaadieees, would you like a free calendar for your purses?" He would not be deterred, so we took it, walked away very quickly, and threw the calendars away in perfect unison. *Shudder* It was way creepier in person than it sounds on paper.

Ok, I must stop typing this now. I am hoping to sleep sometime tonight, and procrastinating my final exam questions is not helping my case at all.

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