Thursday, October 19, 2006

[Twitchy Niki]

With job searching no longer on the horizon but rather now here, at hand, and urgent, as well as term paper season, portfolio organizing time, and rapidly approaching graduation, I am quite on edge. Time is taunting me with whispers of doom... it says, "Psst... if you don't find a job in the next month and a half, you're screwed! Doom! You'll have to move back home (doom!), and if you do that, you'll get stuck in Reeds Spring forever! Doom!" Not exactly logical, I know, but agitating nonetheless.

So, dear readers and beloved friends, I am apologizing ahead of time. If you find me snappish, unsocial, dazed, abrupt, temperamental (already, signs of this one), acting like a loner, hiding from the world, putting up walls around my heart in order to be prepared to break away from the place that's been more of a home than any other for a long time, I sincerely apologize. I swear, it's not you. Don't mistake my short temper with not liking you, because I do like you. I just feel like a ticking time bomb, and with everything I have to do, it's probably not going to change until after I walk across the stage to get my degree. Maybe longer. So please, I beg of thee, have patience with my shenanigans. The pressure has to release somehow, and sometimes it's not in the most pleasant manner.

I still love you.

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Jennifer W. said...

Don't worry! If I, of all people, didn't get "stuck in Reeds Spring Forever. *Doom*" :-P then you Surely won't either! Best of luck hon! Love ya!