Wednesday, September 13, 2006

[News and Philosophical Tidbits]

First off, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to title my Senior Seminar project:

"A Cackle a Day Keeps the Funny Farm Away"

In other news... no, I changed my mind. In that same vein, I'm taking suggestions on what stories to share. My senior sem class is creative non-fiction, and after some discussion and reviewing, I've decided to have a common theme of laughing, whether it's easy or it's all there is left to do (except cry). Some stories (long and short stories both) that are on my list (I have to write 15-20 pages and read parts of it out loud):

  • Mom on the road and why the handle on the car is broken
  • Mom's sex advice from this summer (and why I now dread the words, "I have something I need to talk to you about...)
  • Why my roomie and I are going to be ___________ for Halloween (I'll fill that blank in on November 1)
  • My reaction to hearing what kind of infection I had in my face after my last surgery
  • My Michelle-mom's last known joke (bittersweet memory)
  • The results of her newfound electric wheelchair freedom that last year (what havoc she wreaked!)
  • Possibly a souped-up analysis of my life philosophies (such as my bedroom as a mood ring, the patterns of my crushes, etc.)

I'm hoping for contributions from you! Anything funny you can think of that others might be able to relate to? Any suggestions for a literary trick to tie each story together (besides the obvious theme of laughter)? I'd like to get on this ASAP, so I'm not overwhelmed at the last minute with this and my two other 15 page papers.

Ok, now onto other things before I try to sleep.

No, never mind. Just hope I remember what I was going to say tonight tomorrow afternoon instead. I need sleep so I can tackle my homework mountain.

Niki out.

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