Tuesday, September 05, 2006

[A little'o'this, a little'o'that...]

I'm having palpitations. I am in shock. Less than 3 hours ago, I filled my car up for $2.35 per gallon. I paid less than $29 for half a tank of gas in a freakin' SUV. There's only one proper response to that:


Ooh, and I also walked away from WalMart paying less than $20. It is a good day for Niki financially.

Pray for Steve Irwin's family... I can imagine the pain they're going through, especially little Bindy Sue. I was only a year older than she is now when my mom passed away. You don't get over that... you just don't.

Today confirmed that I need to take Hebrew Scriptures as credit/no credit. It's tough enough, and unnecessary enough for me to take, that I would do much better in my other classes if I am not having to study hardcore to make it. Just pass it. Yeah.

Migraines suck. My eyes have been bloodshot all day, and I haven't been able to walk in a straight line for the life of me. Wearing heels, I'm sure, didn't help.

Alright, well, I'm out of useful things to say. Good night to all!

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