Saturday, August 26, 2006

[Too Pooped to Pop] my dad likes to say. The final main activity of CCF Freshman Week SPECTACULAR!!! is currently wrapping up. I left early because (A) it's raining and I didn't want my camera to get wet and (2) my body is clearly telling me that it's had enough. My head's spinning, I'm fatigued, and my stomach's feeling a tad queasy. So I'm parked in bed, contemplating turning in rather early tonight. I had every intention of going to the Rec today to work out, but when my legs didn't even want to carry me upstairs, I had a feeling it would be wise to nix that notion.

I bought a TNIV Bible yesterday. I completely agree with those who say it's wise to have more than one translation when studying the Word... only problem is, up to now, I've only had the NIV (well, and the KJV, but that's sitting on my dresser back home). It should arrive in the mail Monday, along with the Kutless (Strong Tower) CD I ordered as well to tip my total over $25 (yay free shipping!).

I'm definitely not ready to leave Kirksville. It's become more "home" than home really is. I dunno, but I just never felt all that comfortable in Reeds Spring. I had some good friends and all, but I guess the lack of diversity and challenging my faith left me in a perpetual state of lukewarmness. Here, I've got plenty of struggle and plenty of friends who both challenge and encourage me. I really pray that I can find a similar community after college (meaning, find a church somewhere that has a strong 20-something ministry that's grounded in the Word and still compassionate toward the culture surrounding... a lot of churches have one aspect while compromising on the other).

So anyway, these things have been on my mind lately. I'm ready, so ready, to be finished with school and be in possession of a steady income, but I'm frightened of the unknown future. Perfectly normal, I know, and I know I need to lean on Christ and trust Him. Nevertheless, it's such a transitional period that I'm gonna be scared until I get settled in the next stage.

Well, you're probably bored reading this by now, so if you're still skimming this with semi-interest, I'll end the agony now. Much love!

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