Tuesday, August 08, 2006

[Long Overdue Update]

There! Now that I've finally finished my almost-midnight snack, I can get down to this way procrastinated entry. Yes, I'm lazy. That's my explanation about lack of returned emails, too... that, and really, honestly not knowing what to say. Anyway, here is a list of updates and answers to questions I've got on my mental checklist:

1. In answer to the lovely Miss Sarah's question about whether or not I can take my dog to school with me, that would be a no *sniffle*. My landlord strictly prohibits pets in the complex. That, by the way, sucks in my eyes, big time. *sigh* Oh, well.

2. I've got a job interview a week from tomorrow at Stage. Yay! It'd be quite lovely to not be pinching every penny I can. It's my last semester of school, maybe ever, and I'd like to enjoy it.

3. I finished reading Blue Like Jazz today. Absolutely fab. Like most people I know, I highly recommend it.

4. Gulliver's Travels is a very slow read. Interesting, but incredibly detailed. Best digested in 2 chapter chunks between other books.

5. I've lost 3 pounds this summer, and that's with me being at home with Mom's cooking (you know, the lady who fills your plate to the rim and asks if you want more ((and then can't understand why I gain weight))). Once I get back to my own cooking, I think I may lose quite a bit of weight (thank goodness!). Gaining 25-30 pounds in 2 years cannot be healthy.

6. Speaking of returning to my own cooking, I could leave tomorrow if I wanted to. Actually, I want to, but one of my friends is hoping I'll stick around long enough to break up the six hour drive (he hasn't been driving that long, so I guess that's why he's weak--er, I mean, not accustomed to such a drive).

7. (Related to the previous bit) I got a phone call last night from the dentist saying my final caps had come in and I could come in the next day and have them put on. I went to Springfield with Mom for a 10:00 appointment. Then we went suit shopping. My fashion gurus, Stacy and Clinton, might not completely approve of the choice (though it's not a terrible choice... just somewhat less than the perfect cut for me), but when shopping with my mother and the worst migraine of the summer, you just gotta settle. It's really not bad, but I think I could've found a better one... that's all. Really, I'm not that shallow.

8. Big zit on my cheek, and it kind of hurts.

9. Naturally, Mom wants to get a picture made of me tomorrow, just in time for the peak of the zittiness. Whoo-hoo!

10. A thought to ponder: Why can't dentists use warm air and warm water on patients' teeth? It took 3 minutes for my teeth to thaw out today, and then they came back for more. Normally, it's not so intense, but my teeth were more or less exposed, nerves and all, and I was not feelin' the love.

11. God is good. I really need to remember that He has not forgotten me... because when I remember and pray specifically, He is always true to answer. Oh, me of little faith!

12. Did I mention I went to Indianapolis last month to find out about going to England for campus ministry? Until I went, I was pretty sure that was going to be it, but now, though the people were wonderful, something in my heart says to keep looking elsewhere. Then I read an article by John Fischer (by the way, read Fearless Faith... excellent read!), and he was touching on the idea of people living their faith in the workforce, not preaching, but loving and respecting, and letting people know that Christianity is not the shallow Pat Robertson version that is so publicized, but it's people who are striving to mirror the Lord's compassion and patience. He said we need to try to be good people first, who happen to be Christians and thereby influenced by Him in our actions, rather than thinking we have to do overt ministry. By simply loving and dialoguing, we become the ministry! And I think God was trying to show me something here... go to work, make connections, live a life of love and generosity, and I'll probably have far more impact for Him, by His grace, than by working inside the Christian subcultural bubble. I'd still be a missionary, but not so overtly.
So the short version is, wait, see what happens, and let Him do the guiding. Gosh, it's so simple, but I'm still too thick-skulled to get the point sometimes!

13. Achoo! Allergies. They're back!

14. All my caps are on, so I can chew gum again!!! No more funky breath after eating out!

Alright, I've bored you enough. I'm out!

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