Sunday, July 09, 2006

[Yes. I know. It's been awhile.]

Ok, so you probably have been wondering what's happened to me. That is, if you even care. I went home, originally planning on hanging out for two weeks. Just before I left, I found out I was getting to go to Indianapolis July 17 to talk about going to England, so when I got home, Mom insisted Dad drive me up there. Boy, I feel like a big girl now. So two weeks became four. Then I went to the dentist to see about getting 5 caps replaced. Big problem. Turns out the nerves in my lower jaw are badly placed and hard to numb. Not wanting to overstress my jaw or put me through unnecessary pain, Doc sent me to a new doc to see about having dental surgery. Now four weeks had become two months. New Doc called Mom on July 5th saying he wanted to try something the next day, hoping to avoid surgery. For one night, two months became just over one month. The procedure worked, but scheduling resulted in me being here, once again, until just before Freshman week.

So, it being late in the summer, it was too late to find a job. The irony is that Branson is teeming with job openings, but frankly, no one's gonna want to hire me for a month and a half with all the appointments I have coming up. So, no income. Just rest, which is good, but still less than financially ideal. Oh well.

Last week was the annual cousin invasion. Crazy. They're not kids anymore. My 18 year old cousin Russell lost a whole bunch of weight, and ladies, I think you'd like. Which, really, is to be expected. I have a family of stunningly beautiful individuals. I always knew I was a little bit of an ousider. ;)

Some minor updates: I FINALLY found a dress that looks nice on me, is flattering, and still manages to be modest. I so have to learn to sew and make about 5 others, different prints and slightly different cuts. Believe me, it's a big deal for me.

Saw Pirates yesterday. I'm still in shock.

Oh, and I got a freakin' awesome mp3 player. 20gb (10,000 songs!)for about 200 bucks. Whoo buddy! The downside, though, is after about the 10th CD, my computer quite playing CDs. It is sooo time for a new one. In the past couple months, my cd player has gone out, one of my wireless card inserts and one of my USB ports has quit. Naturally, my warranty is up about six months ago. Anyway, I'd need a new one before England, since my current laptop weighs about 12 pounds, and that's basically my carry-on weight limit. Bugger.

My dear dog has been quite a source of amusement since I've been home. We took her out on the boat one day while Dad and Uncle Herb fished (I sunbathed and enjoyed a breeze whenever we moved). She loooved it. Sassy jumped up on the seat next to me at the back of the pontoon and doggy-grinned. She tried to eat (and would've if Dad hadn't thrown it back) a sixteen inch long wide mouth bass that Dad caught. It was funny when she figured out that it was the same thing she keeps trying to steal when they get back from fishing trips. "So, that's where they come from!" She cocked her head to the side and started trying to nibble. She was braced to leap when it flipped on the floor and we threw it back.

Then, just as we were pondering if we wanted to keep putting up with the heat, she tried to jump off the boat. I held her back, and she started barking, repeatedly and loudly. At first, we thought she was just excited (it sounded like her car yipes). But she didn't stop. So we started to move. She got more adamant. I think we finally figured out that she had to pee (she'd drank about a bottle's worth of water, and she's not a large dog). She kept trying to jump. Finally, we found a soft, gravelly bank, and we let her jump off the front (still on the leash, natch). That dog walked 2 feet, squatted and peed for AT LEAST a minute! I laughed till I couldn't stand, and Dad's face turned an attractive shade of scarlet from his laughter. After that, she curled up on the seat next to me in a state of utter contentment.

The next day, the guys went out on the boat without her and she got sooo pissed. She barked angrily, cried, and moped.

Hysterical! I love my smart dog.


Jenn said...

Hey girlie! Just figured I'd show support for your blog habits. I am going to try and check in often. Get in touch! Love ya!

Sarah said...

I care. :) It's good to hear from you. I'll be praying for ya.

the daums said...

Wow - what a roller coaster summer. Sounds like its turning out not at all like you planned! I am glad that you will have no choice but to rest and relax some, though, even if it's at the expense of lots of medical appointments. - ick, dentists.

I finally got all your comments - if you look at my blog, you'll see that I am still relatively clueless about some parts of the blog experience. :-)

Hope you have a good weekend!