Monday, July 31, 2006

[Etheria and Wishlists]

I'm in a happy place... I got The Best of She-ra: Princess of Power DVD and have been, well, devouring it ever since. She was my hero. There are no words. And the series is coming out on DVD, season one part one, on November 7. Eeep! I'm a total She-ra nerd.

*ahem* Now, don't think I'm posting this to ask for anything... I'm not. I've just had a few people asking me what I want (birthdays, etc.), and I thought it'd be easiest to have it in one place and so people wouldn't be trying to buy me something someone else has already bought (unlikely, but then again, it's happened). So anyway, here's my wish list (which updates itself).

I'm not asking, but I also don't say no, either. ;)

2 more weeks... 2 more weeks...

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