Sunday, June 11, 2006

[Bonjour, Amis]

Tomorrow's plans: pestering potential employers for a job, then working out at the Rec. I think I'm starting to lose weight, finally! I wore a shirt today that I've not been able to comfortably wear for months. Granted, I never left the house and I likely would have felt different being seen in public (curious effect, isn't it?), but I can tell I'm making some progress. I predict by summer's end, if I don't slack off, I'll be at the weight I want (and need to be at). Yay!

I love this weather! Oh my gosh, it's so gorgeous to have the windows open and feel a COOL breeze!

I ran into Ally, my housemate from this year, at the Rec on Saturday. She is no longer Ally Shaffer... she's friggin' married. The youngest got married first. I've missed her. We did a couple laps of walking to cool down after biking and eliptical-ing, and had a lovely conversation, ranging from lack of employment to ministry hopes.

I read two books this weekend, too: That Hideous Strength and Jane Eyre. Gah, I so love reading for my own enjoyment. What's more, both these novels kind of lost me in high school, but with increased life experience and more literary exposure, I really enjoyed reading them both this time. I clearly understood the books this time and didn't feel overly challenged. Maybe all that tedious school reading has benefits after all!

Finalement, I watched Pride and Prejudice with French subtitles. It kind of piqued my motivation to better learn the language, and I think, actually, this may be a good way to get a better grasp on conversational French (and Spanish when I do the same). As tired as I am of school, I do enjoy learning on my own... it's the nerd in me. Knowledge for knowledge's sake, not for grades and such crap. I do honestly learn more that way, at least after I've got a basic grasp on the subject.

Well, I'm hoping to fall asleep before 2 hours prior to sunrise for once, so I'm going to enjoy a hot bath and hope to sleep fairly soon afterward. Bon soir, mes cheres!

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Heather said...

Haha, thanks! It's funny how many people watched us-- my mom is a small-town celebrity around here! :)