Wednesday, May 03, 2006


My bed and I got really well-acquainted today. I think I tried to do too much yesterday and ended up taking about two steps back. I seem to have a problem with being sick (besides the obvious, of course). If I'm feeling under the weather, the anal get-something-accomplished side of me (which, oddly enough, sounds a lot like my parents' voices) is accusing me of being a hypochondriac or a wuss. But here's the thing: I've been sick so many times over the years that I really can tell the difference between a case of the sniffles or allergies and actually being sick. There's this inner sense that says "bleh" when something is wrong with me. See, I don't run fevers, very rarely anyway (though I've got a small one today), and my blood pressure and the like rarely move out of the normal ranges. So when I'm sick, I can tell when it's harder for others to see (though, when they look closer, they usually find out I wasn't playing sick).

Once again, nothing was accomplished today. I really hope I can get somewhere on my papers tomorrow.

Anyway, good night. That's my update. Over and out.

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