Friday, May 19, 2006

[That Kind of a Day]

Within an hour of waking up this morning (which officially happened at 7am, feeling like it was 10am, since I'd been waking up every 15-30 minutes since 4am), I had a toothache, I cut my heel (somehow... I'm not sure how), rammed my shoulder against a light switch, and fell down the stairs (not as far as the last time... only one or two steps, but definitely on my bum and quite hard). Upon my stumble, I concluded that it was time to crawl right back into bed, whatever lofty goals of job-hunting I may have had. With this type of a start, it's usually a pretty certain thing that if I go out the front door, catastrophe will follow.

I didn't stay in bed long (my room got pretty hot with the sun glaring in the window). I actually had to turn on the A/C today, or melt. Downstairs, it wasn't so bad, but up here on the second floor, well, it's still a little sweltering. Fortunately for now, though, there's a cool breeze blowing outside, and as my head is right by the window, it'll cool me off nicely.

I am bruised to bits from moving this past week. Each of my forearms has a welt, and I count two or three bruises on each of my thighs. It looks like I'm as coordinated as ever. I think I unconsciously started consuming more calcium with the idea in the back of my mind that, if I keep this up the rest of my life, I really don't need to be dealing with osteoporosis down the line. Eep.

I know. I'm complaining. What can I say? I've been by myself all week... the social skills are getting a little rusty.

I find myself missing my long hair... perhaps out of boredom and wanting to play with it.

Bedtime! Lo, how the mighty night owl has fallen!

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