Thursday, May 18, 2006

[Interesting Tidbit]

With a bedroom window that directly faces the east, I'm constantly amazed how early I start waking up. This morning, for example, I woke up for a few seconds around 5:30, looked outside, and saw the beginnings of a spectacular sunrise. However, having only been asleep for five and a half hours, I rolled over and went back to sleep. I kept waking up about every half hour, so I finally gave up at 7:30. This may be a good thing and a bad thing at once. Good, because I'm less likely to oversleep; bad, because of those nights I simply don't get to bed before midnight.

Oh, and I'm falling asleep faster. I haven't really had trouble asleep since school got out and I got everything moved in. As much as I try to go with the flow, school still manages to stress me out to my limit. One more semester, thank heavens, though I am so very much going to miss everyone here.

I did a couple of art/crafts projects yesterday. I bought a plain bulletin board, spray-painted the background purple and hand painted the frame green. It's the most professional-looking thing I've ever done, so I'm feeling happy. Also, I spray painted my lamps (green base, purple shade). The base turned out really cool, but because of the texture, the shades look kind of haphazard (of course, even when they were white they didn't look that great). I'm going to Home Depot today and see if I can find a large lamp shade to match my small lamp. I'm excited to have a room that mostly has the same color scheme throughout... instead of mass chaos thanks to all my mementos. Man, I love having a large closet! Oh, and it still looks organized. *bum-bum-bummmmmmmmm*

Alright, I better go run errands and see if I can get my butt hired somewhere. Man, job-hunting sucks.


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