Friday, April 28, 2006

[Movie Un-magic]


I'm a lover of the cinema. Really, I am. I love everything from epics to chickflicks to comedies. Being Ms. Visual, I love being able to see the story. I do actually love the romantic themes, most of the time.

However, the romance is also what drives me batty. It's so often completely ludicrous. Not so much the idea of falling in love, but the concept of everyone just finding their perfect match at the same time, and by the end of the movie, everyone is so happily paired off. It plants the false idea in my head that, "oh, everyone else is hooking up, so I must be next," and I never am. Then I feel let down. Of course, I realize it's psychologically unsatisfying to have someone in a story end up not guaranteed happily ever after. Naturally, and I probably would be irritated if the stories didn't turn out that way. But come on.


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