Sunday, April 09, 2006

[Migraines Suck]

I'm not feeling all too verbally expressive at the moment, but if I use that as an a excuse not to post, I'll never post. Migraines do that to me, and I get many.

I've been really antisocial this weekend for some reason. I planned to go to the free MxPx concert, then decided to stay home and watch Narnia. I planned to go to the TSODA dance recital last night, but I fell sound asleep at 7:30. No regrets. Instead of hauling my laundry over to the CCF house, I stayed in (hey, it was kind of cold) and watched Narnia. Again. Today, though, I did go to CCF (Yay for seeing Jessie Jones!!!) and house church tonight ('brought to you by the letter M'). Then I came home and spent an hour and a half in deep discussion (life, love, and the Lord) with Kate. I guess with me it's all or nothing.

I think whoever discovers a universal cure for migraines will be my greatest hero. Not to complain (because I know I sound like a complainer sometimes, but as my life is sort of dull, it's often the only topic I have), but I'd just gotten over a 2 monther, and now I've got another one. Talk about the thorn in my side. But really, they're not that bad (they're usually just an annoying headache that hangs around way too long).

Friday is the 13th anniversary of my mom's passing. It has a tendency to be a tough day for me, so if you think of it, please say a prayer for me and my family. She was my [grand]parents' only child (I'm the only grandchild), and it was pretty tough on them.

I found almost-the-right-color hairdye, finally, so these roots shall soon be eradicated.

I need to make a real update soon. If nothing else, within the next week or so, I'll fill those of you whom I haven't seen in ages in on what's been going on in my life lately.

Friend quote of the week: 11-year-old Andy Belzer, upon viewing my first drivers' license in evidence of blond being my natural haircolor: "You look different... [me: 'Well, yeah, it was six years ago, y'know.']... Yeah... You got old really fast."

And thus I go to bed and crash hard. One month and 2 and a half days until summer break. Amen!

Edit: Omigosh... not just summer break, but my LAST ever summer break! Does anyone have a cane? Depends? Geritol? I'm sure I've got some stories of walking half a mile to class in two feet of snow for you youngsters... And they're true, that's the depressing part.

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