Thursday, March 09, 2006

[Tomorrow, I love ya!]

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I finally get out of Kirksville tomorrow! Ok, the list of things to do today is still insanely long, but still, TOMORROW!!!

My sugar's out of whack again. I need to drink a couple glasses of *bleh* water. I'm really hoping that we'll get out of class early. My hands are definitely shaking right now. Yuck. I'm fine... it just happens when I don't drink enough water and eat/drink too many carbs. Actually, I think I might ask her if I can leave in a few minutes to go take care of this.

I'm having a fat day. You know those days where, even if you aren't fat and don't look it even to yourself in the mirror, but you feel like you're about 300 pounds? I've got that feeling today. I look fine, unless the mirrors are screwed up, but I feel like I have a 60 inch waist (as wide as I am high!). Again, maybe water will help that.

Well, I'll try to add more thoughts later. One thing that will be vastly fascinating will be to see how many bulk messages will be in my yahoo bulk folder when I get back a week from Saturday. I got close to 40 this morning alone. I'm predicting 4-digit numbers.

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