Monday, March 20, 2006

[Sometimes They're Full of Surprises]

All my life, according to my jumbled up memories, my dad's been the understanding one. I could expand, but not tonight. Sorry.

But tonight, on the phone with mom and dad, I realized that as much as my mom overreacts, she really can be the more understanding of the two. She's the one who realized that I need to grieve, talk and not be interrupted, and just be loved (without worrying about trivial crap like grades and without listening to someone say, "Well, be thankful that..."). Dad just didn't get it.

Mom and Dad may be coming up on Wednesday. I just wrote Mom an e-mail accepting her offer to come up a couple days earlier than planned. I think I may finally get my cry out in her arms.

As much as I may complain about her tendencies to do certain things, which do honestly drive me nuts sometimes, I love her sooo very much. Please know that.

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