Thursday, March 30, 2006

[I'm Off to a Swell Start Today]

Skipping class: I should have. I wanted to. But I didn't want to screw up my attendance in these two classes (which are my only prayers for A's this semester). So decided not to skip. I get part of the way out the door and remember I need to pay the cable bill. I do that. Now I'm running behind. I grab my bag and race out the door. I get in my car. I'm wedged in like a sardine. Now, normally, I manage to carefully maneuver my way out. Today, I'm not so lucky. To my horror, I see my roommate's car rise about six inches and fall. I've hit her bumper. So, I run inside, write her a note of apology and asking her to let me know how much it'll cost to repair it. Now I'm running later. I get to the parking lot, and of course, mass chaos ensues. Some kind person who pulled in the lot behind me snatches up the only parking spot. Thanks, friend. I find a spot off campus. I get to class. The chair I usually sit in, which is near an electrical outlet (that I use to plug in my laptop) is full. So I sit across the room, stretch the cord as far as it will go, and it just fits. Then I sneeze. It's gross, because it's a full-on allergy sneeze. Beautiful warm weather, miserable sinuses.

Good morning, starshine, the earth says hello.

New quote [Allison Schmidt]: "Divorce is a four-letter word!"

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