Friday, March 03, 2006

[IE Hates My Blog. Try Netscape or Firefox]

My sidebar is all the way at the bottom on Internet Explorer. So, if it looks odd, try a different blogger. It should look way cooler.

The day improved as I got over my sulkiness and started to laugh again. I'm still a little down and out, but it'll be alright. I think I was just long overdue for a breakdown (and boy, did I break down!)

I doubt any of you have any answers, but me and a fellow mostly-dateless (and stunning!) friend were pondering this question: How does one get dates? What exactly is it that makes average (used loosely) girl get a date every week while another girl with pretty much the same attributes spend 20 some-odd years waiting for that first date? What's the kicker? Is there one at all? Is there any concrete answer outside of the overused (if true) response of "God's timing"? We just want to know.

I bet you can't guess what type of scenario brought this on, huh.

I enjoy Netscape, except for one thing. If I select some text to delete, a little box pops up, and the stupid thing won't let me use backspace to delete it. Maybe I'll give Firefox a go.

Anyway, girly night tonight. Pride and Prejudice (to sigh) and Back to the Future III (to lighten the mood).

Vaya con Dios.

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andrea said...

i almost want to copy the first half of this post onto my xanga to see who has an answer! i may do it and put it into quotes!