Tuesday, March 28, 2006

[An Era Draws to a Close]

At five o'clock today I will, for the last time, schedule classes for a new semester. Never again, to my knowledge, will I battle the masses to get the choice classes.

I'm sad for the Truman "youngsters." Anyone two years or more younger than me will never experience the infamous Tunnel. Though it seems dreadful at the time, a ridiculous ordeal really, there's a certain charm to showing up at the back of McClain Hall 1st floor 45 minutes before your sign-up time, feeling the adrenaline rush as you pray that you get your classes, because if you don't, your proposed schedule will be a total flop. Oh, the bright orange walls and the purple carpeting! What nostalgia that comes with those memories! And you, who are too late, will never know the mad scramble for the first spot in line.

Ordinarily, I'm not the one to diss on the technological age... I rather like convenience. But nevertheless, I do lament the loss of some glorious traditions.

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