Wednesday, March 08, 2006

[Apres CCF]

What a beautiful day! Yes, I know, it was rainy and wet... but 55-60 degrees all day! Once I solved my wardrobe malfunction (stupid stretching shirt), I felt cute today (not a very frequent occurrence lately). I had a couple good conversations with some people.

And spring break is FRIDAY!!! And, I'm not driving, I'm riding the bus. All I've got left to do is finish 2 creative writing projects and write a response paper. Once I've done that and packed my duffel bag, I'm good to go. And boy am I pumped. Really... I've wanted to go every year, and this is the first time I actually get to go!

Oh, and I'm Michelle's ditziest friend, according to her survey, "but in a fun way, not a stupid way"


Well, I can no longer justify procrastination, so I'm off to be a good little college student. Good night!!!

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