Monday, February 20, 2006


I've decided, sans feedback, to return. Apparently blogger has made some vast improvements over the past couple years... in other words, trying to post a blog no longer ends up infuriating me. Meanwhile, I've got more room to be creative than with xanga (sorry fans) and blogdrive (not that anyone reads my blog there anyway).

Besides, blogger was my first, not just blog, but website period. [See, those of you who think I can't stay in one spot? I'm restless, but not that restless.]

Furthermore, I think it'll be good for me not to be expect people to read my oh-so-tantalizing thoughts *cough*. Maybe I'll stop being such a dummy about anticipating others' positive reviews. Oh, and also, it's nice to have comments without that whole "eprops" deal.

Well, I got up early for a reason, and it wasn't to blog. Homework needs to be completed before class... bleh.

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Karthik Narayanan said...

hi how are you, you have a nice blog here. i enjoyed reading through it.i have one too.

take care