Tuesday, February 21, 2006

[Get up and what?]

I think my get-up-and-go for today got up and went. I need to be out of the house in half an hour, and I'm sitting here in my jammies in my unmade bed, placidly nibbling on a chimichanga and trying to remember what my name is. I definitely slept about eight hours last night, but it honestly feels like four. My one consolation is that I have no activities tonight. Which brings me to my morning ponder...

Why is our culture so obsessed with being busy all the time? Colleges and employers are looking for students with both good grades and an extracurricular list a mile long. Why does it look lazy for me to take 12 hours of classes and only have one activity? I'm not [usually] lazy, I just know my energy limits... and when I don't know, I learn quickly. Even [and maybe especially] in the Christian culture, where we read in Scriptures where it says "Be still and know that I am God," we expect ourselves and one another to be doing something every minute of every day. Heck, even Jesus had to rest, and He did. He stepped away... He slept in the boat... He spent time listening instead of doing. I want to break out of this mindset of chaos, but I know one thing. It's hard to do one thing when all your upbringing and present influences are encouraging you (even if not in words) to do the other.

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