Saturday, December 03, 2005

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By Relient K
13. Life After Death and Taxes (Failure II)
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And this is how I choose to live
As if I'm jumping off a cliff
knowing that you'll save me [2x]
and after all the stupid things I did
there's nothing left that you'd forgive
because you already forgave me
yeah you already forgave me
Never forget
there's life after death and taxes
Forgiveness come
and all of the rest
is what passes away
Death and decay can't touch us now

I got some much-needed socialization tonight, in spite of the ole migraine.  Really, guys, the migraines aren't that bad, so don't be overly concerned... they're just headaches (with the same cause as a classic migraine) that come around a whole lot.  They're not that bad, I just don't like to be on my feet much with one, because that's when they tend to get unbearable.  When I'm sitting, I'm in good shape.  :)  Anywayyyyyy...

It's kind of funny how more I need to be around people, the more I resist.  I hide in my room more and more, get scared of human interaction, and find myself in a catch-22.  And tonight, I almost didn't go to the Damascus Road music thingie, because I was tired and feeling unsocial... but I'm glad I went.  I had good conversations, saw people I haven't seen in ages and may not get to see much after this month due to their graduations... Meh.

Ok, that's about all the coherent thoughts I can manage to put together, so I'm outta here.  Oh, and I love this song.

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