Thursday, December 01, 2005

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It's December freakin' 1st.  And it's snowing... hard.  I went to WalMart (I love tea, but I need some variety, please), and boy am I grateful for four-wheel-drive!

Highlight of the evening:  CCF service (all about II Cor. 12, God's power in our weakness), Stephanie preaching, suddenly shouting at Derek, "Hey! ARE YOU ASLEEP?!?!?"


"Then what was the last thing I said?"


"You were asleep!!!!"

"I'm sorry... it's a weakness."

Yay for laughter!!!

Senior sems are tomorrow and Friday, and this semester, quite a few are people I started freshman year with.  Do you know how unnerving that feels?  *shudder*

(Andrea and Sunny will understand this one:)  I *heart* Mr. Darcy.  Haha.

Ok, now I'm verging on sleep deprivation insanity, so I better stop.  But one observation: ever notice how you can be totally wiped, but for some reason, you just can't make yourself settle down and go to bed?  Bleh...

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