Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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It's three... in the morning... and I'm still awake.  No nap during the day, only three, three and a half hours of sleep last night, zombie-sleepiness all flippin' day, and now I'm wide awake.  I've got the most seriously screwed up mind-body relationship ever... geez.  Whatever.

My candle smells yummy.  I like being a "big girl" and burning candles.  I've found my happy place.

Seriously, though, I am ready to get on.  I do love it here, I love my friends (really, I love you so much more than you'll ever know), and I love the way that God has challenged me and made me grow in my faith here.  But I don't know... I think in the past few months, I crossed some weird threshold that says, ok, time to go to grow.  As wonderful as CCF is and as instrumental as it's been in shaping the ways in which I've managed to rethink my faith as FAITH rather than religion, I feel like I've reached leveling off point.  I'm worn out and burnt out on school, and it's become so much my focus (again, grrr...), and it's affecting my walk.  And I keep coming across these stories of people being ok, even if not swimming in abundance, in their ministries, and it's like God's saying, hang on 'cuz we're on our way.   And man, if I didn't just have a year left, I'd soooo be outta here.  [Flashback 4 years ago: no way in the world would I ever have imagined myself seriously contemplating that... no way.  School was too much of a priority... sadly, it took precedence over the King of kings, and my walk was more of a stance than an act of moving forward...]

Oh oh oh oh.... here it is!  There's that sleepiness I was looking for!  Yaaaaaay!  Er, rather, yaaaaaaaaaawn.  Good night kids... bundle up tomorrow!!!

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