Monday, November 14, 2005

Imported from Xanga

Well kids, it's time to request a bit 'o' prayer.  I sent in an official application recently to a missions organization, and today they called me to interview me.  They seem interested in me (yay!), and they plan to call back.  They're going to talk to the groups they have over in the UK (the ones doing church planting who work with groups and the ones who are doing campus ministry).  I really see how God's guidances in my experiences could lead me to do stuff in those types of ministry, and if you've been keeping up with my insanity, you know that's the area of the world I have a heart for, so I just want to ask that you please pray!  Pray for God's guidance, and that if this is the group He wants me to go with, that He will open doors and give me and my family peace about it.

Thank you loves!

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