Wednesday, November 16, 2005

If you see me today, and I seem tense, irritable, or angry, just know it has nothing to do with you.  Except for finally nailing a thesis for my medieval English lit paper and have a good discussion with Andrea, I've had a lousy day from the start.  Available parking spaces dropped at the same rate as the temperature did overnight, so that alone was reason for some tension... then I'm tired... then I didn't have time to get breakfast, so I tried to get it out of the machine, and when I got my soda, I hit Mt. Dew and got Pepsi... and by the way, there is no graceful or quiet way of opening a snack bag or a can of soda when class is in session... then I got my astronomy test back: there are 3 tests this semester plus the final, and we've taken two... I've gotten D's on both, and that's with some intense study.

So trust me when I say, it's not you.  And I'll be fine soon.

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