Thursday, November 10, 2005

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Currently ReadingThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (adult) (Narnia)
By C. S. Lewis 
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You know how the Narnia Chronicles say, "Aslan is on the move"?

Yeshua is on the move.  In approximately two weeks, I have seen the results of years of His working in two people's lives finally culminate in surrender to His grace.  And even though there was a long period of working in their lives, for so long, it's seemed like they were too rebellious, too determined to walk alone for either of them to accept Him... and then, just like that, they both pull a complete 180° and devote their lives to Him!

Thank You, Lord for Nik and Chrissie!  Two very different people from two very different backgrounds halfway around the world from one another, and You have transformed their lives drastically!

I'm beginning to see the evidence that He is really going to do something big... that He already is.  The cultures and people that so often seem like lost causes (think most of Western civilization) are undergoing amazing transformations.  I'm beginning to see why He has placed in me a heart for London, a city that has become so seemingly apathetic and "secularized" that so many of us have given up on its people.  We consider it a hopeless case.  Well, it's time to rethink and pray, pray, pray!

Can you feel it?

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