Sunday, April 18, 2004


He walked by me, and I knew I would never be the same again. Strangely, there is nothing out of the ordinary about him, other than the band of listeners clamoring to get his attention and hear what he has to say. He looks like any other man from my village, like any man my betrothed would go to the temple with in Jerusalem. He isn’t any taller than anyone else, or any shorter for that matter. He is by no means handsome or ugly… just an ordinary traveling Jewish rabbi.

This man Yeshua from Nazareth has started talk among the men of more revolution and fighting the Roman Empire. But fool men that they are, they do not listen. I have sat listening carefully every day for the last week to Yeshua’s words. There is no hint of political revolution. He only speaks of changing individually… not the empire! This is fool’s talk my men speak of. This will only cause more problems.

Then again, maybe Yeshua is a revolutionary. What man do you know actually allows women to follow him… much less listens to what they have to say to him? Yet Yeshua’s mother and several women are constantly with him, and he does not rebuke them for their thoughts. He even encourages them! He touches women and heals them as much as he does the men. He caught my eye the other day, and I felt no fear that I would be struck down or rebuked for being too bold. He even asked me how I was doing. If I were to approach my betrothed, even if I were married to him, in public, I would be considered a disgrace. Yet I saw this Yeshua smile and help up a young girl who had tripped and fallen in the street this morning… a stranger.

You know, I hope Yeshua is a revolutionary… but not the kind my men want. I hope he’s a revolutionary that is going to change us from the inside out and make us the way Jehovah meant us to be... not what we’ve made ourselves into.

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