Friday, April 23, 2004

[*Deep Breath*]

Ok... here it comes... The crazy weekend approaches.Tomorrow (or should I say today?) won't be too bad.  I'm going to see The Prince and Me, maybe go out to get dinner. But starting Saturday morning, the chaos begins. So, if you are looking for me, and you can't figure out why I've seemed to have disappeared of the face of the earth, um, look for me around May 12th. Maybe sooner, but no guarantees.  Yeah. 

So, I realized I didn't share all my poetry I wrote this semester. Sooo... While this isn't really one that's "on my heart" right now, so to speak, it was definitely relevant earlier on, so I'll share anyway. It's a rewrite of the old "Alone" poem.


A hole in my heart
Growing, growing.
God, will I always be alone?
Will you never send him to me?
Must I always wonder?
I don't ask for much.
Just a moment… that one second.
His arms around me in a
Strong, tender, loving embrace.
That one moment when I would know.
He would know.
We would just… know.

I hope I manage to keep up the writing this summer... keep after me to write poetry! I mean, not constantly, but occasionally.

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