Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Lord, I want to be ever nearer to You,
Drawn up even closer in Your arms.
I want to hear the life-force beating in Your chest,
My cheek at rest against the fabric of your cloak.

I want to be close enough to run my fingers
Through the whiskers they tore from Your precious face,
To trace my fingers lovingly over the scars
Of the deadly, unspeakable wounds You endured for me.

I want to feel Your arms tight about me
And feel Your fingers twirling my hair.
I want your hands, rough from work in a common
Carpenter shop, to gently brush away my tears.

I want to dance! dance! dance! Twirling and laughing!
I want to dance before You, for You, and with You.
I want You to take my by the hand, spin me till we fall,
Then, laughing, pick me up again and spin some more!

Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, I want to stay right here,
My face buried in Your chest, listening to Your heart.
I want to always gaze lovingly up to see Your eyes
Shining with tears of the purest, most intimate love back at me.