Tuesday, February 24, 2004

[Stormy Weather]

My usually brave little dog cowered in the bathroom in a far corner shaking uncontrollably in utter terror. Outside, the lightning whitened the black night sky every few seconds. Occasionally, a bolt struck within a quarter mile of our house, and the power of the thunder shook our double-wide’s foundations. Sassy, who is usually the first to confront anything that wanders into our yard, wanted nothing to do with this weather. She was perfectly content to remain safe in her little bathroom corner in the northeast part of the house, thank you. As I went in to comfort the little ball of fur, she crawled into my lap, ears flat against her head and tail hidden between her legs, as though begging me to protect her from that big, mean storm outside.
After a few minutes of soothing words and scratching Sassy’s ears, I could hear the local tornado sirens blaring through the torrents. I didn’t move, however, because I have a very smart dog. During a storm, she picks out the safest room and the safest corner of house. Sassy was terrified, and though I should have been frightened—after all, what protection is a double-wide mobile home in a tornado?—I just sat holding my Sassy, whispering gently that it would be alright.
No tornado ever hit our house that night. Once upon a time, one missed our house and knocked down a hundred year old oak tree next to my window as I slept, oblivious to the storm, but so far, my family has been protected from the fury of the (edge of) Tornado Alley. Instead of really fearing the raging winds and wild crashes of thunder and lightening, I see them as testaments of God’s power.
There is a song, a Christian contemporary song, by Todd Agnew called “This Fragile Breath." In it, he describes God through a storm: “You speak with thunder and lightening, your voice shakes the mountains, the foundations of the earth.” He shows how God has all this power over the wild storms like hurricanes and tornados… they’re at His beck and call! Agnew goes on to say, “All I can offer is this fragile breath… With each one I’ll praise You. With each one I’ll praise You more!” God has all this power over the powers of the earth... and we are so small and helpless in comparison; we are but a fragile breath. Yet, because God is so much in control, I can be fearless as a storm rages all around me. As I sit with Sassy shaking in my lap, whispering words of comfort in her ears, God sits beside me, holding me tight and whispering His words of comfort to me.

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