Thursday, October 16, 2003

[Ups and Downs]

I'm up...Now I'm down...And I'm up...Now I'm down again...Aaaaand we're up again.

I don't think I believe in being static. I'm up and down in a matter of days, even hours. If it confuses you, don't feel bad. You're no more confused than I am, except maybe a little less confused even. You don't have to witness my mind wandering all over the place... geez.

Anywho, if you notice, my last up-down rotation above ended on up, so obviously, I'm up. I'm back up partially because of a reason I'm choosing not to disclose... because I don't know who all reads this, and it's potentially embarrassing. And also, my grades are looking slightly more optimistic... I have an A in anthropology (!), which makes perfect sense, since I only have an 80%... I have an A- in speech... I'm 1% away from an A in Psychology... and I think I went up today thanks to a 20 point pop quiz that you can't fail... and I have the potential to get an A in history... The only class that's driving me psycho now, and probably will for the rest of the semester, is Trigonometry. I am just not a math person. Never have been, probably never will be, although not for a lack of effort. Math is evil... that's that. :-P

Yup... this has been deep. Methinks it could have something to do with having to get up for a 7:30 trig class this morning... Hmmm... I think I shall take me a nap, and see if my mind is more intelligent after I awaken. :P


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