Wednesday, September 10, 2003

[My Purpose in Life]

Finally! I finally (think I) know what it is God wants me to do (careerwise)!!! What a relief!

I am going to be a Christian counsellor for teens and young adults. So, my plan is to switch my major to Psychology (hopefully, this is my last switch), and I will finish my Bachelor's degree here. Then I plan to attend graduate school at a Christian university where I will find out how to put Psych into a Christian perspective.

Man, this is great! I don't feel like I'm going to walk into a brick wall anymore. Sweet!

On a not-so-cheery note, I had a moment of elegance and gracefulness yesterday. Here I was, speedwalking to class (yeah, I was running a bit late, so sue me), and I tripped. Not only did I trip, I fell--hard. So, now I have a skinned knee and scraped up hands. Yay. Oh yeah, and about 10 people watched me tumble flat on my face, and would you believe it, not ONE of them was kind enough to even ask from a distance if I was ok. Not one! So therefore my views on the general curtesy of mankind is somewhat marred, and I am somewhat miffed (and a bit stiff while we're on the subject).

Off to bed I go! I have a long day tomorrow. Have a blessed day!

29 days left of the teens! Yessss!

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