Thursday, September 11, 2003

[Hyper, Happy, Giddy...On the Wrong Day]

You know, I'm not always this cheerful. On the whole, I'm a happy person, just not...actively happy like I am right now. Which is great... I'm happy that I'm so danged happy (bad, huh?), but I feel like I'm happy on the wrong day. As most of you can see, it's the second anniversary of 9-11, and I feel like I should be more serious, remembering. And I am remembering. But I can't be sad today. Which is... sad, really. I'm in a good mood, and I'm enjoying it. I just kind of wish my moods would choose more appropriate days to show up. Now, if it were my birthday, it'd be a lot more appropriate.

Why I am letting myself feel guilty? I have a right to be happy any day. In fact, it's my prerogative as born-again person--joy in the face of sorrow, although joy is not the same thing as happiness or giddiness, but still.

I wonder... is it wise for me to go into psychology? I may discover just how nuts I really am... and that would be depressing... but I'm too hyper and happy to care right now, so... Gah! I'm an emotion basketcase today! *runs around the living room then finally calms down... a little anyway...*

I may post later tonight when I'm not so... weird.

Have a blessed day!

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